A program that touches the heart and the mind of the bully.
If you are reading this, you probably already know that the problem of bullying has reached epidemic proportions in our schools and our society. Lecturing, preaching, and punishing the bullies seem to exacerbate the problem by giving them the attention on which they thrive. MindOH! has created a program that provides support to school officials and parents to reach the hearts and minds of bullies and victims.

Our Custom Bullying Package Includes:

Online web-based modules that utilize other adolescents to guide the student through reflective and comparative scenarios that address respectful behavior.

Student worksheets specific to various types of bullying that encourage the student to reflect on what he or she was thinking and feeling, and how the resulting actions result in negative and sometimes disastrous results for everyone involved.

Fill in the blank, printable victim report and bullying report.

An administratorís database that automatically records each incident of bullying and where and when it happened.

Auto generated email or letter to apprise parents/caretakers of the incident.

Parent activity worksheets that facilitate synchronization of school and home dialogue with the student/child.